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Legal Maxim is all about sharing ideas and experiences. We aim to provide our readers with quality legal research and insights into the legal profession.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis from legal practitioners, bar members, academicians and law aspirants.


Analytical Writings

  • Academic writings which unveil the perspectives of the author on the subjects of law, public policy and legal principles. 
  • The purpose of these articles is to persuade through logical reasoning. (Instead of being merely informative).
  • These pieces aids lawyers and law students to engage with the subject matter critically.
Tactical Writings

  • These pieces entail advice and tactics that assist law students and practitioners to excel within the legal profession. 
  • These writings usually deal with “how-tos”, or “My Internship Experience at…” or “5 Ideas for...”, or “10 Steps to...”.
  •  It should cover actionable suggestions, illustrations, and some data to support these opinions.


  • Content should be original and unpublished.
  • Co-authorship allowed up to 2 authors.
  • Word Limit:
    The upper word limit for tactical write-ups is 700 words.
    The word limit for an analytical write-ups is 1500-2500 words.
  • Formatting Specifications:
    Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5 and Word Doc format
    The author should send an abstract (100 words) along with the write-up.
  • Citation for References:
    In-text hyperlinks or endnotes in OSCOLA (4th edition) format OR MLA format
  • Selection Criteria:
    The originality of opinion, coherence and quality of arguments.
  • Disclaimer:
    Legal Maxim reserves the right to edit the errors in the submissions without the prior consent of the author. The author is liable for any form of plagiarism and Legal maxim will have no liability towards the same. Legal Maxim shall reserve the rights over all the publications on the platform. Pieces can be published on other platforms, only after approval from Legal Maxim.
  • For Writing an Internship Experience:
    Use the format provided in the following file-


Send an email to editor@legalmaxim.in with the subject: ‘Submission_legalmaxim’.

The body of the email should contain the title of the article and a short description of the author-

  • Name
  • Place of Work/ University
  • Designation/ Academic Year
  • Headshot Photo of the Author (Will be featured on the respective publication)

We will get back to you within 10 days of the submission. 

Post-review, the submissions may be sent back to the authors with recommendations associated with the substance and style. Acceptance of an article for publication is contingent on the author incorporating such suggestions.

The author is required to send the article back with the prescribed changes within 7 days. Post the 7 day period the article will no longer be considered for publication.





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