Lawgically SpeakingWhat are the Career Opportunities in International Investment Law? | Ep 4 | Prof. Deborshi Barat

April 30, 20210

We are pleased to present to you the fourth episode of the Lawgically Speaking Series. We are honoured to host Prof. Debarshi Barat as a guest for this episode.


What are the Career Opportunities in International Investment Law?

Topics Covered in this episode:
  1. An overview of the International Investment Law (IIL) regime
  2. What are the kind of disputes IIL Lawyers work on?
  3. What are the various career paths within IIL for a private dispute resolution lawyer?
  4. Do you recommend such lawyers to apply to institutions such as UNCITRAL, ICSID, SCC etc., as Tribunal Secretary or continue finding career paths in private/international law firm practice?
  5. What steps can a law student take to enter into the arena of IIL and amongst such practitioners?
  6. What are the challenges faced by IIL Lawyers? Can you please be region-specific vis-à-vis India and throw some light on the recent current growth, opportunities and engagements of lawyers in the IIL field?
  7. What advice would you give to students and young practitioners who want to make it big in the IIL regime?

Guest Profile:

Prof. Deborshi completed his M.A. in Law & Diplomacy (MALD), specializing in International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, and International Political Economy; as well as his LL.M. in International Law, focusing on International Business & Economic Laws, and International Organizations, from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, where he is at present a PhD candidate.

He received the William L. Blue and Joan R. Blue Scholarship, and the Alfred P. Rubin Prize (awarded by the Law Faculty to the ‘Outstanding Student of International Law’) at Fletcher.

During his PhD, Deborshi worked at AQUILAW as a Senior Associate involved in Corporate Advisory, Trade Law, Data Protection, and Government/Public Policy. He serves as Trade & Economy Advisor at Intueri Consulting LLP, and as Legal Counsel with the Strategic Advocacy of Human Rights (SAHR). In the past, he has taught Law & Public Policy at NUJS, and International Law at Tufts University.

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