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The appellant was a bookstore owner and was convicted by the Magistrate for selling an obscene book called Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The story was about how a woman married to a paralysed man from the waist down has sexual relations with two other men to fulfil her sexual desires.


Whether the book had a social purpose beyond the story of sexual desires?


Section 292 IPC


The court points out that while determining obscenity, a rigid interpretation should not be taken and just becomes it has elements of sex or nudity, does not mean it is obscene. The Court acknowledges that the motive of the writer was to normalize sex and talk about it honestly. However, the Court observed that the book does not result in any social good as the court points that there was no other attraction in the book, except for sex.


After judging by community standards, the Court found no gain from the book and thus dismissed the appeal of the appellant.

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