Lawgically SpeakingImpact of Covid-19 on International Commercial Arbitration | Ep 3 | Prof. Suvrajyoti Gupta

December 18, 20200

We are pleased to present to you the third episode of the Lawgically Speaking Series. We are honoured to host Prof. Suvrajyoti Gupta as a guest for this episode.


Impact of Covid-19 on International Commercial Arbitration

Topics Covered in this episode:
  1. What is your prima facie opinion on the impact of Covid-19 on the ICA paradigm?
  2. What according to you are the pros and cons of an ICA conducted virtually?
  3. What do you think are the challenges to the virtual arbitration proceedings from the party’s perspective?
  4. Do you think that legal technology has been able to meet the present needs of the parties by providing a robust mechanism for virtual ICA?
  5. Are arbitral institutions taking proper data protection and cybersecurity measures for a truly “confidential” adjudication?
  6. What is the way forward for International Commercial Arbitration in the post-Covid-19 period?
  7. Any other question deemed necessary to clarify or highlight the opinion of the interviewee.

Guest Profile:

Mr Gupta is a Professor at Jindal Global Law School. He completed his first degree in law from the NUJS, Kolkata in May 2006. Between 2006-2009, he practised as an appellate litigator, primarily based in the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. He worked closely with the Election Commission of India in sensitive matters like the challenge to the Delimitation Act, the expulsion of MPs, Office of Profit Bill, among others.

He has appeared as a counsel and was connected with all stages of many high profile matters before the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. His practice areas included commercial litigation, arbitration, constitutional and criminal law. Between 2009-2010 Mr. Gupta has successfully completed his LL.M. in International Business Law from the National University of Singapore.

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