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January 19, 20210

Internships are often seen as a way to have practical knowledge and gain expertise regarding the field. However, an internship can be seen as a way of recruiting people, and thus sometimes an internship can be translated to a permanent job offer. Law firms are also willing to take in people who have already worked with them as it gives the firm clarity regarding the working pattern of the potential recruit and ensures quality work. The article aims to list down specific steps taken by an individual or have been earlier taken by an individual to turn their internship into a Job Offer.

Knowledge of the Research Engine

In today’s virtually growing era, technology has become one of the crucial factors for integrating society at large. It becomes imperative to have knowledge of the search engine. Especially in the field of law, research is one of the areas that need to be extensive. Any individual in the field of law should know how to use Manupatra, SCC, TaxScan etc. in order to do extensive research. Comprehensive research on a topic can always give a better understanding of the text and further strengthen the arguments. Search engines play an essential role in not just providing knowledge but also generating knowledge. Thus, a proper understanding of the research engine makes a student stand out from the rest of the crowd 

Chalk out the area of Expertise

Clarity towards the law field ensures that a student gains prior experience and ensures that necessary steps are taken by the individual in that particular area. This further gives clarity to the institution and can help a company decide whether they would want a student in that specific field of law. It is always advisable to take extra courses to ensure better knowledge about the field. For instance, a student who has chosen Mergers and Acquisitions as his area of specialisation and has taken additional courses and done internships in that field will be a more suitable candidate for a company looking for an intern under the M&A team and due to his extra knowledge the person will be considered a more suitable candidate than the others.

Research about the Company

Before asking for an extension of the internship, it is essential to know about the fundamental values that the company stands for. It helps give a better insight into a company’s key personnel and the type of experience they are looking for. For instance, if it is a niche firm and has personnel who have just graduated there are higher chances that the company would be willing to take an intern or in cases where the company needs interns who can then commit to their company at a larger scale. Researching the company also gives insight into their personnel requirements regarding whether they are looking for experts in the field or willing to take recent graduates with less expertise.

Building Relations

Networking is one of the most crucial steps to ensure a Job offer. The relation you hold with your mentor directly impacts and can provide a better stance at getting a job offer in the firm. Your mentor can suggest your name for a Pre Placement offer as he is the one who is continuously evaluating your work. However, it also becomes vital to network with others in the firm and takes on work if you have the time. Establishing good relations and connections will work wonders and ensure proper networking, and you can have more recommendations. Recommendations show that you are committed towards your work and have exhibited excellent work ethics while interning in the company.

Commitment towards the work

Regularity and commitment towards any work have always been important. Taking on additional work and overburdening yourself does not ensure you a Pre-placement offer. However, the quality of work and how well do you take in suggestions from your mentor speaks volume about your work. It is imperative that you critically analyse the situation and give your inputs timely. Punctuality is something that the company appreciates in an individual. Ensure that you have a good work ethic and have the willingness to work.

Communicate about your willingness to work further 

It is very important to talk to your mentor about your willingness to continue forward with the work. Don’t expect that a company will offer you a Pre Placement offer without you asking them. It is better to communicate the same to the HR, and they can give you a clear picture about the capacity of the firm and this will, in turn, give you clarity regarding the area of expertise they are looking for in their company. If you are working with a litigator and wishes to work under the litigator, make sure that you are regular with your work and exhibit excellent work ethics. Developing a relationship with the mentor ensures a direct and easy entry towards the company.

Now the question arises as to when do you know that a firm/ company or a chamber will be interested in taking you in their firm?

Usually, the mentor or the HR team contacts you and asks you whether you wish to continue the internship and sometimes also offer you an assessment internship. An assessment internship is very common among 5th years wherein the firm provides an individual internship for 4-6 months and assesses the individual’s work. Depending upon the assessment, then the student is offered a Pre Placement Offer or Job Offer.


There is no sure-shot way of turning an internship into a job offer because it depends upon the firm’s willingness and capacity to hire. It also relies on the area of expertise that the individual is willing to work in and the payment that the person is being offered.


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