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November 30, 20200

The most efficient and effective way to cement your learning is through good quality notes making. Note- making is a process of evaluating, attaching, and integrating concepts. The importance of note-making is so fundamental to learning that it cannot be emphasized enough. It’s something a significant number of us do not just need while growing up but also beyond our scholastic lives. Starting from university lectures to jotting down the minutes of conferences and to writing down a message while on the telephone, great note-taking abilities are fundamental to our lives. Hence, organization comes handy.

The more structured the notes are , the greater are your chances of recollection. The essence behind having notes is to keep them concise. However, they should have ample emphasis on the operative words to kick off your memory when you peruse through them.

Many individuals generally take notes digitally to assist them with recalling the main matters and put together the data. Others favour the more customary pen-and-paper style of jotting notes, believing that the demonstration of physically taking notes encourages them to recall the data or think better.

Nowadays, ‘time is money’ and one must be as swift as possible. Hence, professionals can optimize their time with the help of the following note-making techniques:


Data is valuable only to the degree that you can locate it when you need it. The vast majority of us have the experience of note multiplication—notes on the flipsides of notepads, billing invoices, on newspaper, and so on, that someway never gets combined. Combine and make an indexing framework so you can promptly discover what you’re searching for by using the numbering of pages.


Condensing, or scripting the key points can be useful for the individuals when written in their own words using keywords and relatable examples which will help them to recollect information immediately. One should envision before any introduction, seminar, or lecture as to what sort of substance will be essential to recollect later. Personally speaking, active learning stems from active involvement with the study material and mechanically taking notes will defeat the whole purpose.


This skill is more than just the usage of words. Usage of illustrations, diagrams, grids, timelines, formula sheets, and flowcharts leaves a strong impression on memory which is easier to recall and comprehend. A step further is to use highlighting the important keywords, using a set of symbols to categorize data speedily, and using colors that attract one’s attention and store such information for a longer time.

Some experienced that when recalling significant pieces of a conversation or meeting that they’ve recorded by hand, highlighting or underlining regularly assists them to skim through the significant parts. Therefore, it is believed that not only does this trick improve brain processing of information, but it also makes note-making and the notes more engaging.


The method of adding heading and sub-heading in the form of spider webs or form of bullet points and numbered lists speeds up categorization and helps in breaking down complex material in the form of a summary. Some focus points are a higher priority than others, so allotting diverse headings are important to demonstrate their noteworthiness.

They resemble building blocks that march towards the inference. Thus, they should be noticeable from the outset. Headings and subheadings speak to the key ideas and supplementary thoughts. 


This is one of the essential parts of the note- making. It is a space which can be used to reflect your opinion, thoughts, disagreements with the arguments and concepts and you can flag and further discuss it.


These are various apps introduced especially for note-making in your electronic gadgets. For instance: Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, Notion, Evernote are some such examples. They make it simple to take quick notes and attach items, such as, photographs, locations, hyperlinks, and agendas. With the diagramming technique, it will be available for you to make tables with classifications. This is remarkable for categorising material which will provide a specific framework.

For example, while strategizing about a different career option, usage of tables, charts, etc. you can categorize them based on their pros and cons, level of preparation required, experience prerequisites, expected salary, job description, etc.


There are several alternatives of note-taking strategies, however, none of them are ideal for everybody. Contingent upon the condition and the sort of individual you are, you’ll have a better chance with specific strategies. Therefore, it’s ideal to attempt a couple of them. However, you need to wait and reassess, ‘whether this note-making technique is the ideal one for me’.

Concludingly, the primary purpose behind taking notes is to assist individuals with zeroing down on the discussion and filter out data that is applicable and significant to them. Note-taking likewise drives one to remain stirring and vigilant all through the discussion.


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Name: Pawani Goel

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Year: 4th Year Law Candidate

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