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May 4, 20210


Ever since March 2020, the world has been a subject of inevitable changes. The breakout of the covid-19 virus has changed the discourse of the world as we knew it. Several industries and normative structures have re-shaped, and codes around it have also changed. The legal sector has suffered immensely, right from law schools to the Supreme Court. The backbone of the legal industry are the frontline lawyers, judges, legislators, and young law students. The setback of being confined in a premise has affected the course of delivering justice. Justice is a concept that is being learnt in law schools and advocates practice in law courts. Law schools all across the countries have adopted the discourse of online classes.

At the same time, on the side of the court, Justice D.Y Chandrachud and his committee initiated “e-courts” on the premise that the work of legal agents shall overcome and adapt to new methods as per the need of the hour. Many law schools and court work have been carried out on a “Work from home” basis. The obstacle comes along with the challenges that involve the diverse methodology of a legal agent. An undisputed fact is that a lawyer ought to apply the knowledge of the law with pragmatism for further interpretations; work from home can become a task for numerous reasons.

The productivity and the efficiency can be increased by: –

  • TIP # 1Allocate a working station

The fact that home is a comfort zone for most of us, and so it is an accepted fact that it can be challenging to be productive in a comfortable environment. Like any legal office, one should set up a place in the home explicitly designated to work and work only. The importance of setting up a workstation at home directly co-relates to changing the comfortable environment into a work environment.

  • TIP # 2 – Keep the table clean

As it is essential to maintain personal hygiene to sustain in global pandemic scenario of Covid-19, it is equally important to keep the working station clean and tidy. As per a study, the human brain functions better in a more hygienic environment.

  • TIP # 3 – Make Checklists

It is tough to keep a tab on progress while working from home for a person involved in the legal business due to the requirement of documentation and maintaining records. Therefore, while working from home, one should make two checklists –

  1. Daily checklist – the list should entail the work to be completed in the course of 24 hours. All the client meetings, team meetings, and any other work shall be accounted for in this list.
  2. Weekly checklist – the list should entail the weekly goals that are to be completed every week, studying, researching, and drafting shall be accounted for on this list.

The idea behind making a checklist is to give the work regime discipline. This will ensure stability and set a comfortable work from home pace. The two checklists will keep a tap on personal and collective progress.

  • TIP #4 – Segregate work and leisure hours

As the office work demands to stay within a premise and work for certain hours, the same should be set while working from home. This will ensure longevity in terms of productivity and efficiency in work. Undoubtedly, breathers are a must and especially while working from home, undesignated breaks should not be looked down upon. More so, it should be appreciated but not abused.

  • TIP #5 – Physical exercise

It is no secret that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Working from home and hopefully eating home-cooked meals can leave a small room for any physical activity. One can categorize physical exercise as “ancillary” work. One should know that the first sentence of this paragraph is not just a quote but a well sought out conclusion.

  • TIP #6 – Give yourself the time you deserve

Undeniably, being confined in a place can be stressful and further, no distinction and demarcation between a home which is a comfort zone and a home as a working station can add up to the mental pressure and stress. One should know that in the end, you are a human and deserve your own time. It is advised that one should reconnect with nature, pick up a hobby or treat himself and his loved ones. Mental peace is as important as professional growth, none should be over-used and abused.


It is believed that following the above tips can increase the productivity of any legal agent, be it a student or a supreme court judge, it will ensure the required stability in these times of pandemic where one is required to work from home. It is concluded in a study conducted by Stanford University in March 2015, which proves that one can achieve 30% higher results in terms of productivity and efficiency if the aforesaid tips are followed and applied. We should accept that this is the new normal, and we will have to conduct accordingly in future.


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Author: Chintan Bhardwaj

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