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March 23, 20210

The Coronavirus Outbreak has resulted in a digital transformation wherein E-learning and work from home have become the new normal. This digital transformation has opened a wide avenue of opportunities for students, law professionals and practitioners to learn at the comfort of their homes. The virtual era has accordingly accommodated spaces for e-conferences, e-paper presentations and seminars, which helps in networking and offers a reliable source of knowledge. The article aims to point out the importance of these e-learning platforms and additionally provides the reader with a list of websites, which can be easily accessed for information about these e-platforms.

Importance of learning platforms: –
Networking Opportunities-

Conferences, seminars and paper presentations are an effective way of networking as one gets a chance to interact with their fellow practitioners and experts in the field. This provides a platform to interact with them both formally and informally. While networking these are the following tips that should be kept in mind; –

  1. Research before you attend the conference, seminar, or paper presentations.
  2. Prepare conversation starters: It should ideally be from the speech they delivered or any other work that interested you. Make sure it stands out because it will give the person an upper edge over others.
  3. Connect on LinkedIn.
  4. Write a follow-up mail stating the conversation starter so that the person gets reminded of you immediately.
Engagements in the latest discussions-

By attending these conferences, seminars and paper presentations, a person gets involved in legal discourse having contemporary relevance. It helps to further give insight into the said field. This proves to be extremely beneficial in terms of adding up knowledge and analysing topics from a different standpoint. Additionally, it helps to gain confidence and ensure the enhancement of public speaking skills.

Flexibility in Schedule

Due to the current scenario, the conferences are being conducted virtually and it makes it easier for practitioners and other professionals to attend the seminars. There exists flexibility as these conferences and seminars can be accessed online. Earlier one had to plan in order to attend such conferences and there were costs associated with them too.


Here are certain tips that should be kept in mind while attending conferences-

  1. Take notes.
  2. Engage with the experts and send them a follow-up mail.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Familiarize with the Technology if it is an e-conference.
  5. Familiarize with the speakers before attending the seminar.
  6. Know the agenda and do basic research.
  7. Follow up after the Conference.

These are the few portals that can be easily accessed for getting information about the upcoming conferences, seminars, and paper presentations: –

  1. All Conference Alert
  2. SCC Blog
  3. Legally India
  4. Lawctopus
  5. International Law Conferences
  6. World Conference Alerts
  7. Legal Week

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